About Gwen

Instead of the traditional About Us page, we thought we would the Image Only Interview idea from CraftyPod. If you are looking for information about hiring me teach at your shop, guild or knitting event, please visit my Hire Me page. You can also connect with me via the right side bar to be in virtual contact or learn more about my business offerings at gwenbortner.com. On with the images — enjoy!

What inspires you personally or professionally?
My students – they challenge me!

How do you describe your work?
Teaching – Training – Talking

What are you most proud of in your career?
Best Selling Design – My book – Teaching for Craftsy – Being on the national teaching circuit

What do you do when you are not knitting?

Hiking – Soaking in the sun & water – Enjoying food – Skiing
Hiking – Soaking in the sun & water – Enjoying food – Skiing

Share your color palette
Those are all leftover yarns from other projects

What does home mean to you?
A GOOD man – A BIG dog – An OLD house

What is your wish for those who see this?
Overflowing ABUNDANCE in their lives