Best Laid Plans

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If you have ever had a great idea that you struggled to implement, you will appreciate this story.

Photo by Kellie Nuss Photography

Photo by Kellie Nuss Photography

The four bags in the picture above started out as an idea many, MANY months ago. We thought that, as bloggers looking at knitting from two perspectives, wouldn’t it be fun to see our individual takes on a single item? Interestingly enough, we had both seen a bag designed in fabric that we thought would be great fun done in knitting! And so we were off with our knitted bag patterns…

The Original Plan

Our original thought was to make this a series of patterns. First we thought about offering new patterns every other month, but then quickly moved to thinking quarterly. We would take a general idea and each design knitted bag patterns from our perspective. Ultimately we could make it into an e-book as well as offer the patterns individually.

It was a good plan – but life, travel and miscellaneous busyness got in the way as is often the case, particularly when it is not directly associated with either of our individual businesses. Working through the contractual, financial and legal stuff is always more difficult than anybody wants it to be.

So the bags got made…but that is as far as it went.

A New Venture is Formed

Then as 2013 came to a close, Kellie and I started discussing in earnest the possibility of making our blogging partnership more official in a business sort of way. The new business would make the pattern idea we had discussed so long ago a much easier project to implement.

But now we needed photos (Kellie’s area of expertise).  So I gave my bags to her and she took the wonderful pictures featured in this post. One step closer, but we weren’t there yet.

We still needed another push before we could get the project to completion, and EduKnit was it.

Photo by Kellie Nuss Photography

Photo by Kellie Nuss Photography

5th Friday – Free Pattern

EduKnit releases new content every Friday, with specific topics identified for the standard four Fridays in a month. But what were we to do on those occasional months when there are five Fridays? Let’s give our members a bonus…let’s give them a free pattern!!

This was the final push needed. At EduKnit, in May we have been discussing knitting in non-traditional directions – and our two bags are constructed in very non-traditional ways. They were the perfect knitted bag patterns to tie into EduKnit’s theme for the month of May.

So the patterns were written up, formatted, tech edited and will be ready for download by tomorrow. Each current paid member of EduKnit will receive a coupon to choose the entrelac version or the mitered version for free. It really is quite a bargain since a monthly membership is only $10. And if you want in on the action, you can join today and not miss out!

Photo by Kellie Nuss Photography

Photo by Kellie Nuss Photography

Ultimately it took about two years, but our designs are now available for all who are interested. So the next question is, what other ideas/projects/techniques would you like to see us design from “two points of view”? There are several more “5th Fridays” left in the year and we always love your input!

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  1. Melissa Ravencraft says:

    I love the purse idea. It’s not like I can EVER have enough of those. I like the idea of providing a ‘new knitting technique’ in the form of a shape (square, round, etc.). I do realize most people are advanced and this would probably not appeal to them, but a survey of your Eduknit members could give you their ‘level’ and the new techniques could be tailored to everyone. Then at the end of the year, you guys could show us how to put them all together to make a purse, binkie, runner for the coffee table, etc. (Remember, you asked and as I always think about knitting, grin….)

    • gwen_bortner says:

      And we love that you are always thinking about knitting and sharing your ideas with us. Kellie and I will think about your suggestion and see how we might be able to run with it. Great idea….keep’em coming!

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