Lots of Entrelac

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This probably won’t come as much of a surprise to those that know me, but I have been knitting quite a bit of entrelac of late.


What has been a bit surprising has been my ability to actually get projects completed. The scarf above was started and nearly completed on my last trip. I only had another evening worth of knitting before it was done. Less than a week from start to finish. A new record for something without a deadline!

I was just making it for myself, but I have decided that I like it so much it might yet become a pattern. But then I am often hesitant to create a pattern for something that appears to be so simple. Anyone with basic knowledge in entrelac knitting could easily create the scarf for themselves (no pattern needed). And professionally publishing patterns is expensive once you add in the cost of photography and technical editing. It makes it hard to recoup the investment a few dollars at a time.

Back on the entrelac front, I finished a whole bunch of step-outs (step-by-step samples – one sample for each step) for the Knitting Daily TV segment I filmed last week. I am also about to complete a skirt that was long in my head but should soon be on my body. There has also been some entrelac knitting in process for the segments Kellie and I are working on for the EduKnit venture.

Mostly what I have found is although I really do enjoy ALL types of knitting, entrelac knitting is and probably always will be my “sweet spot.” It sits in the perfect place for me of relaxing, mindless knitting, but ever changing enough that I don’t lose interest. A rather tough combination to find for myself.

And the other thing I have discovered (which really shouldn’t be a surprise), I really am a “better” person when I have some active project on the needles.

So what have you been working on lately?



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  • Melissa

    Still plugging along on the Event Horizon Pi Shawl (2400 yards!). I think about about 50% there or finished, depends on whether or not you’re a half-full, half-empty person.

    • gwen_bortner

      Go with 50% done…besides you will soon be MORE than 50% done! Keep going only 1200 yards to go…

      • Melissa

        I know right, yawn…smile.

  • Debra Nelsen

    I knit a lace vest for Louet and an afghan for Interlacements. I have frogged many shawls for myself, trying to find just the right pattern for the Dropd Delight yarns I have.

    • gwen_bortner

      Sometimes finding the right pattern can be surprisingly difficult!

  • Carol F Metzger

    Driving home this evening – entrelac clouds!

    • Carol F Metzger


      • gwen_bortner

        That is SUPER cool! Thank for sharing this awesome photo.