Mathematical Monday: Numbers of Blogging

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As of today, Kellie and I will have completed our first year of posting on this blog.  It has been an interesting process for me and my guess (based on previous conversations) the same is true for Kellie.  My confession is that I have been trying to create a somewhat regular blogging habit since September 29, 2002, with no success until this past year.  Habits are hard for me to form, so I am sure that has been part of the problem.  But I do have a strong sense of commitment and obligation, particularly to people I am close to.  So the thought I would be letting Kellie down if I didn’t post, has really helped me become a “regular” blogger.

So on this anniversary I thought I would look at our numbers with a bit of a critical eye.

  • We have create 275 posts over the past year – 75% of the total year.  Honestly this is better than I thought we would do!
  • May was our best month with a post for every day of the month.
  • October and November our worst months hitting just over half of the days.
  • Our most used tag, other than our “day designations” was confidence, all of which were written by Kellie because working in a yarn shop, she knows that knitters often need more confidence in their abilities.
  • Our most frequent commenter is Karen Frisa, who is also a knitting geek and a friend — we appreciate her insights and her loyalty.
  • We average about 50 page views a day — not great, but not bad for a couple of geeks!

So overall, I think we did OK. Can we do better?  Sure, there is always room for improvement.  So we will continue to write, we hope you will continue to read, and ask you to tell a friend, maybe they will find something of value here too!!

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  1. Kellie says:

    Love this list. Happy Blogiversary Gwen!

  2. Karen Frisa says:

    My 15 seconds of fame! Which I apparently missed by a couple of weeks, which is just like me. 🙂

    Thanks to both of you for continuing with this blog. I really enjoy hearing what you have to say and throwing in my 2 cents.

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